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Electric Guitars

My guitars were designed to maximize comfort and play-ability while providing the tone you crave. Any of these guitars are available in any number of pickup combinations.


The Elizabeth

The Elizabeth was designed as an elegant take on an industry classic. It features a 100% hand carved top with a chambered body. The body measures 15" across the lower bout to facilitate easier range of motion and provide more comfort. The bridge is anchored into the solid center mass and  the neck tenon extends deep into the body providing greater sustain and stability. The neck transition into the body is carved for a seamless feel and elegant appearance. Available in many different wood combinations and pickup configurations. 


The Vivian boasts an offset waist that makes it very comfortable and looks great on stage. The neck is shaped to a vintage "C", though you can email me for more neck shaping options. This guitar is available with many custom tops and finish options, as well as any pickup combination you want. 



This guitar was modeled after an industry standard for the players who prefer a more traditional look, but with complete customization. Available with many pickup configurations and various top and body woods. 


More information coming soon


Coy Jr.

More information coming soon

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