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Bringing you the best in functionality and aesthetics

Ruby Classic J Series 

My Ruby Classic J Series was created to offer  more modern approach to the industry standard basses, but with many more options available to suit your needs. Available in 4 and 5 string versions with many different pickup combinations. 

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Ruby Classic J-Sonic

The Ruby Classic J-Sonic combines the snarl of a single coil jazz pickup in the bridge position with the warmth and seat rolling thunder of a faithful reproduction of the Bi-Sonic pickup (handmade by Curtis Novak) in the neck. Available in 4 string only, also available with various knob configurations. 

IMG_8750 2.JPG.jpg

The Falcon

Designed as a truly customizable platform based on an industry standard, every facet of the Falcon bass is customizable from scale length, color and wood selection, to pickups and knob layout. The Falcon is completely customizable while still being hand built and tailored to your needs. 

Modern Artist

The Modern Artist was designed to offer the greatest in ergonomics and aesthetics. Available in neck thru or bolt on. Also available in 4 or 5 string versions. Please see pricing for available tops, finish options, and other customizations. 


Jesse Bass

The Jesse Bass Model is a take on the classic that never was. Available as a 4 or 5 string. Also available in a distressed finish as shown, as well as many pickup combinations. 

Elizabeth Bass

More information coming soon

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