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Acoustic Guitars

I am currently offering two acoustic models, one being a traditional dreadnaught and the other a smaller OM style. I have chosen to focus on these two model and strive to create a modern day "golden era" instrument. Each instrument is made from the finest materials using a combination of traditional and modern methods, to create instruments of exemplary beauty, tone, and playability. Base price for either model starts at $3,900. 

I have a wide array of exquisite tonewoods to offer  and since each guitar is custom made, I find it more beneficial to discuss pricing and options, with each individual player. Please contact me at with questions or to start a build. 



My McClain model is an OM style, built with a strong emphasis on clarity, note separation, and balance, but not at the expense of tonal complexity and warmth. The response is lively and vibrant with excellent volume and projection. This design is versatile and can accommodate a wide spectrum of playing styles from subtle fingerstyle to heavy strumming.  

  • 12" -+/- 16" Compound fingerboard radius 

  • 1.72" Bone nut and compensated saddle 

  • 25.4" Scale length 

* Also available in a deep body option​


My Riley dreadnaughts are built in the rich tradition that has made this shape the most popular style of guitar in the world. Material is carefully selected and each guitar voiced to deliver a driving bottom while maintaining top end clarity with distinct note separation. 

  • 12" -+/- 16" Compound fingerboard radius 

  • 1.68" Bone nut and compensated saddle 

  • 25.4" Scale length

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